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Little Leicester. My birthplace. A small dot in the heart of England, to some it is the middle of no where, but to me it will always be home. I miss the novelty of not walking into the city centre and proclaiming "it's too busy! it's too crowded! Why is everything so expensive?!". But nothing competes with life in London, I must admit.

Yesterday was spent with a dear friend of mine, it had been forever since we caught up, I am sure we both spoke for the full length of 10 hours! And there was so much more to say. There's nothing like a flowing, sincere conversation. We shared of love of Sailor Moon, travelling and life plans for the future. She reminded me of how good it was to live free and youthful. I've always preferred independent businesses over established chain cafe's. We found ourselves at Mrs Bridges Tea Room which is a quaint place hidden behind the main streets. The tea sets and lunch dishes were all very reasonably priced and oh so delicious. Everything is homemade and they even offer catering! I highly recommend this place to fellow Leicesterians! It got busy very quickly and the outside and upstairs seating quickly sold out. The atmosphere overall, was warm and lovely.

This week I gave myself a break from capital city. spending time with family and catching up with friends is very important to me. I have survived my work anniversary, (Happy 1 Year to me!) and life in the hectic buzz of London. Living and travelling as an adult (I am trying!). I regret that I've fallen out of blogging but vow to get back into it again!! (She says after the 500th time...) See you soon!

Have you visited many tea rooms? Tell me about your favourites and your experiences!


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  1. Hi Joey! That looks looooovely!!! *___* I wish to have tea and brunch with you! ^__^ <3 How wonderful to have been able to spend time with close friends; it's always nice to feel like you're getting a "recharge" from them. Catching up is nice. :) I've never been to a tea room, but I would love to experience it sometime!

    1. On your next visit to England I could totally take you to a tea room! What else is England famous for besides the Queen anyway? TEA! Ahh you have described it so perfectly, it was exactly like a "recharge!" I recommend tea rooms or any and all girly dates. Especially if you have a sweet tooth like me!

  2. I've never visited a tea room, but omg! It looks so... yummy. And cute. At the same time! T__T Good friends, talk and Sailormoon - DEFINITELY WORTH THE HOURS OF TALK, HEHE.
    Junniku blog!

    1. Tea rooms are amazing! I am more of a coffee fan but I love lunch selections of sandwiches and sweet treats. You should definitely try one sometime!
      And I could talk about Sailor Moon until my mouth dries up! It's safe to say I'm a little addicted!


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